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So what's in your pocket?

I have been using this product for quite a while now and want everyone to enjoy it as much as I.

This is the ultimate wallet for those who really hate wallets. If you don’t want a “traditional” money/card keeper in your pocket take a look at this.

You could say the Jimi is good!

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Christmas day and other Festive pictures

Well, now is the time to add more pictures of Christmas and more.

It was so nice of the ladies to take care of the snow this year...

Sam had an absolute blast working on the snow pile the plows left behind. Safety note. The Fire Hydrant for the block is in that pile somewhere.

Riley spent an hour building a snow slide from the driveway into the yard.

He then spent the rest of the daylight hours sliding down and running back up screaming an singing all the way.

Find the slide and swings in this picture

More Christmas photos

Sam at his Kids Klub Show

And a little more from his school, Crystal View

Christmas events of 2008

Ok, i know it is now 2009, stop nagging.
I have managed to get all the photos off the camera and get them setup enough to be copied over here for all to see.

We had a really great Christmas, lots of visitors and 3 different concerts to attend

Sam and Riley at Riley's Pre -School Concert

Top 50 Sites to Watch Movies and TV online

Top 50 Online TV and Movie Sites
LegoSharkProdutions - Youtube

Check out the Lego Mac vs. PC parodies. Great stuff.
Fondest memory growing up for sure. Me, Mom, Scott and Mike (behind the safety Bungee cord...) out for a summer picnic. This even made it into the OakBay Gazette

Merry Christmas and Happy New year,