2.5 years Later

Well, we have mastered to pass through about 2.5 years without actually doing anything about a blog on this site. I have photos, we made it through another christmas and soon another birthday, so i think it about time to actually put this site to some use.

We had a great Christmas this year, some wicked colds and flu's but in all a good family occasion.

The kids had a nice visit from Santa.

We all ate too many pancakes and candy.

Take socket "A" and put into slot "B" with screw
"FF" and tighten with 6mm Hex key clockwise

"Oh, I wish i was and Oscar Meyer Weiner,
That is truly what i want to be."
"Cause if I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner,
Everyone would be in love with me!"

"My weiner has a first name it's Oscar"
My weiner has a lastname it's Meyer!"


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