Fondest memory growing up for sure. Me, Mom, Scott and Mike (behind the safety Bungee cord...) out for a summer picnic. This even made it into the OakBay Gazette

Merry Christmas and Happy New year,
More fun at Goldstream Park

Our trip to Goldstream Park

You could say they got the bull by the horns, Bwahahaha.

Some fun in the Snow

The kids had a snow day, so spent it sledding down our cul-de-sac.
Great fun

Did you know?

Youtube - Did you know?? By Karl Fisch

This gives you something to think about.

The Gift of Giving

This is really great, Chris Pirillo has setup a Christmas Give Away package worth +$500.00

My Kids and I are totally into Star Wars these days, so anything that makes life more exciting and involved here the better!

Keep up the good work Chris,
C L,